About Us

About Sequoia Wellness Apothecary

Sequoia Wellness and Apothecary is a Complementary and alternative medicine clinic located in Garberville CA.  Ayurvedic therapies, western herbalism, massage, and health care education and classes.

Classes and community education range from wild crafting plants and herbs in your backyard, detox programs, nutrition and diet, cooking and nutrition classes, specialty disease lectures (headaches, PMS, arthritis, anxiety, digestive issues to name a few), medicinal herb spotlights, qi gong, yoga, and other sound and movement workshops.  The clinic also hosts space for local art shows and gatherings.

Sequoia Wellness strives for the best for you by continuously furthering our skills and knowledge to be of better service and benefit to you.   Health starts with you!


432 Maple Lane
Garberville CA 95542