Herbal Medicine Making

with Herbalist, Amy Rouse-Vittum

owner of Backyard Remedies

Tuesdays, 5:30-8:00pm

$40/class  or  $110/series

+ $5 material fee for take home product


I  August 19th: Tinctures, glycerites, decoctions, teas, compresses, poultices.


II August 26th: Infused Oils & Salve Making.


III September 2nd: Vinegars, oxymels, capsules, percolation, plus honey infusions, pastes & pills.

Herbal & Nutritional Support for

Fertility, Pregnancy & Post-Partum

with Herbalist, Amy Rouse Vittum

owner of Backyard Remedies

Thursdays, 5:30pm- 7:30pm

$30 per class            Pre-registration required

($5 off per person when you register with a friend/partner)

Thursday, May 22nd  

Fertility & Preconception: Herbs and Nutrition for pre-conception and reproductive health. What is fertility and how do we achieve it through herbs, food and supplements? Sacred foods for pregnancy, herbs to support conception and what role does the father’s health play?

Thursday, May 29nd  

Pregnancy:  Herbs and Nutrition for pregnancy and all it’s trimmings: supporting a healthy pregnancy, trouble-shooting pregnancy symptoms, and preparing for labor.

Thursday, June 5th   

Post-partum and Baby Care: Herbs and nutrition for healing, breastfeeding support, and warding off post partum blues, plus mom & infant herbal care.

Herbal Roots

8-week Summer Immersion

with Western Herbalist, Amy Rouse Vittum


Mondays 10-2pm @ Sequoia Wellness in Garberville

June 30th – August 25th(No class August 18th)

$360  (Receive $20 discount per person when you register with a friend)



Wild Crafting: Ethics + Harvest + Preservation

Medicine Making (hands-on+ take home)

Herbal Tastes, Actions & Energetics

Humors + Constitutions

Cooking with Herbs

Flower Essences

Medicine Show

Local Field Trip




The Fine Print: Limited space. Babies welcome. Class reader and most materials included.  $100 deposit required to hold space, balance due first class. Must register by June 25th, no refunds after that date. Limited scholarships available. Register at Sequoia Wellness or call for more options.


Upcoming Workshops

- Moxabustion self care: making moxa for practical home application with Alison Rivas

- Introduction to Pancha Karma Detox: cleansing and healing diet with Amanda Wenig



                                                  Workshops Past


Class Series

Four Saturdays: Feb. 22nd, March 1st, 8th, 15th

1-4 pm

With Licensed Midwife Shelley Conrad

This class series is indispensable in helping you prepare for childbirth.  You will learn how best to support yourself and/or your loved ones during the changes of bringing a new life into the world.  Licensed Midwife Shelley Conrad is a wealth of knowledge on this subject and has been supporting mothers for over forty years in her practice. Whether you are pregnant, planning to be so in the near future or just curious about all of the miraculous details Shelley’s class is sure to inform. She talks about everything from pregnancy nutrition to the actual birthing process, gives tips for post-partum care and much more.  You will meet with Shelley and experienced birth assistants to learn all about birth, ask questions, see slide shows and share with others.  Call, email or stop by to reserve your seat.

Bring a lunch if you like, tea and snacks will be provided

$140 for the series

Health for Fall and Winter: Digestion, Vitality and Immune boosting

With Herbs and Food

With herbalist Amy Rouse of Backyard remedies $30 6pm-­‐8pm Monday October 14th

Come learn how to support yourself through the holiday season. This class will introduce you to the herbs and foods that will help all of the over-indulging, stress, travel and exposure of the holidays and beyond.  We will be covering digestion,  system support and mood balancing with herbs &  foods.
We will also be making an elderberry immune syrup along with a churna (powdered spice blend) for digestion to take home. Herbal categories that will be covered will include nervines, adaptogens and carminatives.  Amy’s in depth-knowledge and warm humorous nature will make this class fun, informative and a boon to your entire family.



Make Your Own Herbal Holiday Gifts Workshop

With herbalist Hope Rose of Hope Spring Botanicals


Basic Herbal Medicine Making $100 Saturday November 23rd 10pm-­5pm

The Basic Herbal Medicine Making Workshop includes a demonstration on; tincture making, herbal oil creation, soap making and a lecture about quality ingredients and ideal oils. Each participant will receive a recipe sheet and then will make a salve, lip balm, powder and felted soap, all which are theirs to take home. Each student will also take home 3 different kinds of tinctures and 2 kinds of herbal oils.

Body Care Products $125 Sunday November 24th 10-­5pm

Do you know what you are putting on your skin when you use a “healthy” body care product? We will each make and take home a; scrub, mask, cleansing cream, lotion, cream and lip balm. You will also take home a toner.

We will formulate our own products with our own skin type in mind. We will use ingredients that are all healthy and totally edible. This way you will know exactly what you are putting on your body.

We will talk about: natural skin care, skin types, oils, toxic ingredients in skin care products. Bring your favorite skin care product and we can talk about what it is made of.

Distillation Workshop

Workshop fee: $150.

Monday August 19  from 5pm till 8 or 9


Have you ever wondered how they get the scent of lavender into your hand soap?  How about that scent of lime or cinnamon into a candle, or that irresistible smell of your hand lotion that you swear is good enough to eat?  Chances are all these scents are essential oils distilled by ancient methods taking the most essential constituents or essences of plants and concentrating them in their oil and water forms.

Smell is a powerful sense, that lets us interact with our world in more ways than we may know.  We are animals and our sense of smell is hardwired into our brain, with the right scent we can trigger emotions. The belief behind aroma therapy is that scents can also heal, help us remember, and shape our most basic instincts for survival and love.

Hope Rose of hope springs botanicals can start you on path of understanding of the essence of smell, and the unlocking of the puzzle of distillation.  This knowledge is a key to the understanding and creation of your own nonchemical-based world of essential oils used to heal and brighten our lives and home. This is must have information for any herbalist.

The workshop will cover the basics of distillation and how to build your own equipment at home for this process. We will have 3 homemade stills to look at, and will distill local Cedar for the class members to take home.



Herbal Nervines:

Herbs for Stress, Sleep, Anxiety & Depression

With Amy Rouse

 Thursday August 22nd 6pm-8pm


Learn about herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, food and lifestyle changes to support your and your loved one’s health and nervous systems.

 Amy Rouse is a certified clinical herbalist and founder of Backyard Remedies.  She has been practicing herbalism and communicating with plants for 10 years.  Amy homesteads, teaches and educates on food and herbs and can be found in her kitchen and garden most days, and also at many of the local farmer’s markets.

 For additional information and/or to register for this class please call or stop by.