Massage for Everybody

Sequoia Wellness & Apothecary is proud to offer Deep tissue, Swedish, lymphatic, reflexology and pregnancy massage.  Our therapists take pride in providing quality  bodywork so that you enjoy keeping yourself healthy.

Benefits of Massage

Massage practices can be found in almost every culture, and the benefits of receiving a massage go far beyond the satisfaction of taking some much needed time out for pampering yourself.

All forms of massage increase circulation and promote blood flow, nourishment and waste removal from the tissues.  This means that cellular functions are allowed to thrive.  It has become common knowledge that massage is helpful in reducing stress, and can melt away tension that has been held for weeks, months or even years.  The stress reducing quality of massage occurs because massage actually lowers heart rate and cortisone levels in the blood.  In addition massage helps to increase range of motion, flexibility and also improves posture.  Your massage therapist has extensively trained to use the most effective strokes and contact with tightened and constrained muscles.  In this way, chronically inhibited muscles and areas of holding are opened and molded back into healthy action.

SWA’s therapists offer an array of massage modalities to choose from, weather you are a fan of aromatherapy, Swedish or like to delve into the muscle core with deep tissue.  Regardless of which styles of massage you prefer, getting regular massages is always an enjoyable part of keeping yourself healthy.  We also offer aroma therapy, Reki, and/or reflexology add-ons to our Swedish and deep tissue massages.

Modalities & Massage Services Offered


Reduce stress and melt away tension with our luxurious Swedish massage.  Gentle to medium pressure with long and gliding strokes are used for this full body massage.  Helpful for increasing circulation, promoting relaxation, and decreasing stress and tension.

Deep Tissue

This massage focuses on the deeper muscle layers and connective tissue to allow freedom from restriction, tension and pain. Full body, firm and deep strokes with special attention paid to problem areas.


Stimulate the entire body and organ system through the feet. Treatment involves hot towels, and detailed massage of the feet. This massage will be done in a comfortable reclining chair while fully clothed

Specialty Massages

Arm and hand special:  Get the extra attention you need for your hard working hands and arms.   This treatment is helpful for addressing repetitive stress injuries and done in a comfortable reclining chair while clothed.


Eucalyptus Hot Stone:  Smooth and heated river stones are used to add pressure and heat to your muscles.  The combination helps to smooth muscle tissue into alignment, creating a richly satisfying massage.  Ideal for sore, tired, stiff or overworked muscles and also for simply melting away stress and tension creating a deeper relaxation while on the table.


Aloe & Lavender Body Wrap:  Ideal for rejuvenating the body and repairing damaged skin.  This treatment includes full body exfoliation, lavender hydrosol body mist, and pure aloe vera for ultimate skin hydration.  The wrap also includes essential oils specific for supporting healthy and radiant skin.  The application of moisture rich lavender lotion massage completes this treatment.


Rain Drop Therapy:  A specialized treatment that utilizes nine specific essential oils applied in drops along the spine.  The sequence of oils is believed to bring balance and purification to the body, mind and spirit.  The spinal application assists with alignment and releases old patterning.  While the oils are allowed to soak into the body at different times, massage for your neck, back and limbs round out this luxurious therapy.


Add-On Services

Scalp & Neck Release: Opening the head, neck, and shoulders allows the entire body and mind to let go and relax.  Energy and nutrients are allowed to flow with ease to inspire healing and greater mental clarity.  30 minutes


Peppermint Foot Scrub: A luxurious foot bath followed with an invigorating 100% Pure foot scrub and massage.  Aromatherapy and reflexology round out this perfect treatment.  30 minutes


Lifting Facial Massage & Honey Mask: This treatment helps to soften worry lines around eyes, lips and forehead by stimulating fresh oxygenated blood to the skin.  Benefits are creating new cell growth, firmer skin tone and detoxification.  Your face is gently washed and then steamed with hot towels.  Hydrating organic jojoba oil with rejuvenating essential oils are then massaged into skin followed by a honey mask and special lifting techniques.  Enjoy the ancient beauty secret of facial massage.  30 minutes


Foot Reflexology or Arm & Hand Detail: Add on to amy massage, ten minutes at a time on your feet or arms for extra support in your problem areas, or to simply feel divine.  A fantastic massage embellishment!  10 minutes


Hot Stones: Add a few hot stones to any massage or treatment for extra stress relieving indulgence.


Aroma Therapy: Add the benefits of essential oils to almost any of our services.  You can either choose your own oils from our specially formulated Aroma Bar or have your therapist pick oils to help with your specific goals.  We proudly use only high quality and sustainably crafted Floracopeia essential oils.


Reiki: A subtle yet profound energetic technique that involves light touch and energy work to reduce stress, remove blockages and promote deep healing.  10 minutes


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