Distillation Workshop





Have you ever wondered how they get the scent of lavender into your hand soap?  How about that scent of lime or cinnamon into a candle, or that irresistible smell of your hand lotion that you swear is good enough to eat?  Chances are all these scents are essential oils distilled by ancient methods taking the most essential constituents or essences of plants and concentrating them in their oil and water forms.  


Smell is a powerful sense, that lets us interact with our world in more ways than we may know.  We are animals and our sense of smell is hardwired into our brain, with the right scent we can trigger emotions. The belief behind aroma therapy is that scents can also heal, help us remember, and shape our most basic instincts for survival and love. 


Hope Rose of hope springs botanicals can start you on path of understanding of the essence of smell, and the unlocking of the puzzle of distillation.  This knowledge is a key to the understanding and creation of your own nonchemical-based world of essential oils used to heal and brighten our lives and home. This is must have information for any herbalist.


The workshop will cover the basics of distillation and how to build your own equipment at home for this process. We will have 3 homemade stills to look at, and will distill local Cedar for the class members to take home.


Workshop fee: $150.

Monday August 19th from 5pm till 8 or 9


Class will be held at Sequoia Wellness & Apothecary

432 Maple Lane

Garberville 95542

(707) 923-4222